Super 8 Film - Pro 8 200T Kit Color (Film-Processing-Scan Kit)

Super 8 Film - Pro 8 200T Kit Color (Film-Processing-Scan Kit)

  • $79.99

Pro 8mm Kit - A little bit of Hollywood in your Super 8 camera? Yes! Kodak's world-famous Vision 3 Motion Picture films stock available in a 50ft Super 8 Cartridge!

Processing and Scan included in prices

This awesome kit includes a 50 foot cartridge of Kodak 200T Super 8 color negative film* (about 3 minutes), a pre-paid mailing envelope to send your roll to the Pro8 lab, chemical processing of your film, digital film scanning and encoding to a universal computer file format. Your digital file will be emailed to you for downloading and your original film mailed to you on an archival safe reel for preservation.

200T is a 200 iso MEDIUM LIGHT Super 8 Film stock that is highly versatile and perfect for both bright and medium light conditions, including early evening. You can even shoot outdoors in daylight by flipping the 85 Filter switch in your camera. Cameras vary so check your camera before loading film! Tips on the 85 filter from Pro 8mm -

* This is a color negative film perfect for scanning, not projecting in a Super 8 projector. If you want a film to project in your living room, we suggest Kodak Tri-X BW or WittnerChrome 200D Chrome Super 8.

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