Minolta 16 - FPP HR20 BW Negative - 25 ft (16mm - No Perf)

  • $34.99

Orthochromatic (Blue Sensitive) 16mm Unperforated Film

25 feet on daylight spool / Daylight Balanced / 20 iso / Process: BW

This is BULK FILM ONLY for re-loading your Minolta Film Cartridge (or 110 cartridge). Cartridges are not included. We do not accept returns on this film.

Load your cartridges in total darkness (Dark room or film changing bag). If you are inexperienced with re-loading 110 film, please READ our instructional page by Daniel "NanoBurger" HERE. (110 re-loads can not be used in all 110 cameras.)

Develop at home (using our FPP D96 or contact Blue Moon Camera for developing/prints/scans)

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