FPP Store Policy

Your purchases at the Film Photography Store help support the Film Photography Project’s podcast, student film camera donation program, newsletter and instructional videos.

We're here to help you enjoy the awesome world of Film Photography. You can contact us anytime at Store@FilmPhotographyProject.com

Orders placed in our On-Line Store will ship within 48 hours of receiving them.*

We suggest that you include an active e-mail address and phone number with your on-line order. This info will greatly assist the Post Office (especially International) in getting your package to you quickly!

Vintage and Used Cameras Disclaimer
All products are tested for functionality, and a detailed review is provided for your consideration. Sample images taken by the cameras are provided wherever possible.

Care is taken to note all unique aspects of the cameras, so please be sure to read the description thoroughly before making your selection. As with our contemporary cameras, film and accessories, our vintage cameras come with a 30 day guarantee / return policy. Simply mail the product and all packaging materials to us, and we’ll refund your purchase price. Should you have any questions prior to placing your order, we encourage you to contact us.

Film / Experimental / IR / Hand-Rolled / Expired Film Disclaimer
Please note that film is not returnable once you have opened the film in any way. Regarding expired or experimental film - We batch test our hand-rolled films but once shipped there are many factors that may create unsatisfactory results -  your handling, camera being used or lab. All sales of film in this category are non-refundable.

How can I calculate my shipping cost before placing an order? The FPP Store calculates shipping on-line based upon weight and the type of service you choose - First Class, Priority or Express Overnight. Go to the site ( http://filmphotographyproject.com/store ), place the item in your cart, add your address. Before placing the order, you can hit the calculate shipping button. The shipping services and prices will appear.

Shipping Address - Due to the high level of credit card and PayPal fraud, we can only ship to your Credit Card Billing Address or Seller Protected PayPal Address.

International Shipping - We ship internationally and pride ourselves on our low shipping costs. We do not charge a minimum or handling fee. Your order is calculated by weight through the USPS website. Shipping cost is also effected by choice of service you choose. Please note that First Class International is for packages up to 4lbs. Please be patient if you choose this service. It may take up to 12 weeks to receive your package using First Class. Priority Mail International will take 1 - 3 weeks. Express Mail International will take up to 2 weeks but will most likely arrive sooner.

Shipping to South America - Please note that as of November 1, 2013, The Film Photography Project has stopped shipping to South America. We have experienced non-delivery  problems including returned packages and inaccurate taxation from South American Customs to FPP Customers. Contact Justin via e-mail if you would like to make special waiver arrangements. Justin - Store@FilmPhotographyProject.com


*Backordered Items
Generally, all items for sale on this site are in stock and ready for shipment. Occasionally; however, items will be out of stock and we take care to note this on the site. Items which are back ordered will be shipped as soon as they become available. If you are within the United States, the remainder of your order will be shipped right away. International orders are only shipped complete, so your order will not be shipped until all items are available.

All orders are processed in full, including items which are back ordered. There is no additional shipping charge for the separate shipping of back ordered items. If your entire order is backordered, we will notify you via email and give you an estimated delivery time.

Hey, no problem! That's what we're here for. We're trying to make our website as comprehensive and easy to use as possible, but we realize we can't cover it all. If you still have questions, please use our contact form or e-mail us direct at Store@FilmPhotographyProject.com

The Film Photography Store is the online retail arm of the Film Photography Project.