120 BW Film - Dracula 64 (1 Roll)

  • $19.99

DRACULA 64 - 120 Medium Format
1 Roll / 120 Medium Format / Hand-Rolled / BW / 64 iso
 / Process BW

Note: The backing paper does not specify film type (or development type). Please remember to write the info (Develop: BW) when removing your film.

Film Specs:
DRACULA 64 (iso 64) is a panchromatic negative high resolution film, coated onto a transparent polyester base providing excellent dimensional stability. Thickness of the polyester base: 0.10mm / 0.004”. Film has a high-efficiency protection layer on top of its emulsion to prevent scratching. Base substrate and back layer keep their anti-static properties, even after processing. The spectral sensitivity of Dracula35 is expanded into the near infrared range of the energy spectrum. Its spectral sensitivity to up to 750 nm.

The very fine graininess and the high sharpness of the film, makes it ideal for use as art photo and for technical detailing applications.

Developing Info:
You can process yourself (Get a formula at the Massive Dev Chart HERE - use Svema Films > FN-64 as the film type) or send it out to our fav lab TheDarkroom.com!

Sample images from our 35mm format - Dracula 64

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