35mm Film Camera - AGFA LeBox Single Use Color Camera

  • $14.99

AGFA LeBox 35mm Color Single Use Camera!

From documenting everyday moments on film, Agfa's new single-use camera makes it simple to capture beautiful photos.


  • 27 exposures
  • 31 mm / f11 lens
  • 400 ISO
  • Process: C-41

When should I use the flash?
For best results, use the flash for any indoor photography. To shoot an indoor portrait, the ideal flash range is 1 meter (3 feet). Flash also recommended for outdoor portraits.

What will my pictures look like?
Everyone's photography has a different style but here are some samples from the AGFA LeBox!

Where should I go for processing and printing?
Your AGFA LeBox Single Use Camera can be processed, printed and scanned at https://thedarkroom.com/product/disposable-cameras/ or any lab that develops B&W film.

Are Single Use Cameras Recycled?
The good news is YES. TheDarkroom.com and most other labs collect and recycle single-use plastic cameras. Per TheDarkroom.com/Kodak Single Use Camera Recycling, Camera Recycling at WasteConnect.co.uk and many other sources, the recycling rate for these cameras is now more than 70 percent in the United States and about 60 percent worldwide.

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