35mm BW Film - Svema Foto 200 (1 Roll)

  • $7.99

1 Roll / 35mm / Hand-Rolled / BW / 24 exp / 200 iso / DX CodedProcess BW

Leslie Lazenby's Favorite BW Film!!!! Svema Foto 200 - a unique emulsion exclusive to the FPP! Direct and fresh from Eastern Europe to The Film Photography Project Store. Hand-rolled by Michael Raso of the Film Photography Podcast.

Notes from Svema film shooter Leslie Lazenby:
"Svema Foto 200 has a thin polyester base, is panchromatic, is true 200 speed and dries super flat. I home-processed in Xtol stock - 7 minutes @ 68 degrees, 5 seconds agitation twice every minute. (Michael Raso's home process has been Kodak D-76 - stock - 6 minutes @ 68 degrees)"

Where can I get this film processed?
You can process yourself (Get a formula HERE!) or send it out to our fav lab TheDarkroom.com!

photo by John Meadows / Nikon F4S, 85mm/1.8 lens / Svema Foto 200 film developed in Xtol 1+1 for 10.5 minutes 2 20 C

Additional photos by Michael Raso

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