4x5 Sheet Film - FPP BW Negative X-Ray Film (25 Sheets)

  • $24.99

4x5 FPP BW Negative X-Ray Film - One box of 25 sheets
Outdoors / Sunlight: ISO 10
Indoor Strobe / Flash: ISO 5

Whether you’re new to 4x5 photography and concerned about cost or an experienced shooter wanting a unique look, the Film Photography Project has you covered with its new, affordable and easy-to-use 4x5 BW Negative Xray Film!

It’s an Orthochromatic BW film with blue sensitivity that gives your photos a subtle glow and enables the film to be handled in red safe-light (so you can load and unload film onto your 4x5 home development reels or tray using our Jr Red Safe-light). Use daylight balanced light sources in artificial light to compensate for the lack of red sensitivity, a highly dilute developer and handle carefully to avoid scratches.

  • Suggested Speed outdoors: ISO 10 in sunlight
  • Suggested Speed using strobe / flash: ISO 5
  • Markings: Rounded corners and emulsion marking on long edge
  • Emulsion: Double-sided (recommended to notch/hole punch)
  • Sensitivity: Blue/Green (load in dark or red safelight only)
  • Reciprocity: up to 4 sec. as metered, +1 stop 8 sec. and above
  • Development: Use FPP D96 (stock solution 3.5 min @ 68 degrees F or 1:1 5 min @ 68 degrees F) or anything highly dilute like HC110 Dilution H, Rodinal, Caffenol, Pyrocat, and Diafine. Development time 3.5 min. at 68F/20C. 

The blue and green sensitivity enables the film to be handled in red safe-light and allows processing by inspection, meaning you can load and unload film onto your home development reels using our Jr Red Safe-light.

Mat Marrash writes: "Above is a quick scan to demonstrate range of film. Versus other commercially available x-ray films, I found this one of the easiest to work with in loading, processing, and scanning. The film doesn't have any protective layers, but is easy to avoid scratches if processing with stainless steel hangers and tanks. Also does well in new processing reels from 20th Century Camera (in Patterson tank). With proper exposure and processing with dilute developer, this film has a nice range that can be used for landscape and portraiture alike. Due to its lack of sensitivity in red, it's recommended to use daylight balanced light sources if using artificial lights. Tungsten/warm lights will not expose properly in a studio situation. 

This is a great film to learn large format handling and processing due to its lower cost and ease of use. You can load and develop film by inspection/under a red safe light to ensure proper technique before moving to more expensive, panchromatic films."

What is Orthochromatic film? Read the blog by Leslie Lazenby.

above: FPP X-Ray Film images by Mat Marrash

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