620 - 1 620 Film Spool

620 - 1 620 Film Spool

  • $4.99

The Film Photography Project brings 620 photography into the 21st Century! FPP has created new, hard plastic 620 film spools just for you. These are not crummy, 3-D printed spools or modified 120 film spools. With these spools, you can roll 120 film off and onto our 620 spool for shooting in your 620 film camera.

What am I buying? - You are purchasing ONE, newly created, hard plastic, authentic 620 film spool manufactured by The Film Photography Project.*

The difference between 120 and 620?...the film spool. 120 film and its backing paper are identical to 620 film so you can (in a darkroom or film changing bag) roll your own film! The exposure numbers will match up to the window on the back of your 620 film camera!

You may have read on-line that you can trim down 120 film spools to fit in your 620 camera but ultimately, it can create a film jam or other problem in your camera.

Get out your 620 film camera and start shooting!

Not interested in rolling your own 620 film? FPP offers the world's largest selection of 620 film!

Where can I process my 620 film? Send to The Darkroom or any lab that will process 120 film. Just send the film in as 120 (and remember to ask for your spool back!)

* Our 620 spool will fit all 620 film cameras (but may be snug in Kodak Tourist or Ansco Flex II cameras)

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