Darkroom Supplies - FPP Home Development Starter Kit (Color)

Darkroom Supplies - FPP Home Development Starter Kit (Color)

  • $160.00

FPP Home Development Starter Kit (Color)

It's here! After many years, The Film Photography Podcast gang has finally discovered the JOY of home processing color negatives at home. Now you can too!

Our kit will Develop Color Negatives (C-41), Color Motion Picture Film (ECN-2) or Color Slide Film (Cross Processing to Produce a Negative).

This starter kit includes everything you'll need to get started. You will need table space and running hot water.

Included in this package:

  • One FPP C-41 Powder Chemistry Kit (1 Liter)
  • One Development Tank with Two Reels*
  • Two Rolls 35mm Color Film
  • One Film Changing Bag
  • One Thermometer 
  • One Squeegee
  • One Measuring Beaker
  • Three – One Liter Recycled Bottles
  • One Funnel

* The tank included will hold two 35mm rolls of film or one roll 120 (or 620). The reel is also adjustable for 127 sized film.

Once developed you will need a scanner to scan your newly developed negatives. We recommend the Epson v700 (not included).

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