Darkroom Supplies - FPP C-41 Development Kit (1 Liter - Powder)

Darkroom Supplies - FPP C-41 Development Kit (1 Liter - Powder)

  • $32.99

FPP C-41 Home Development Kit - 1 Liter
Develop Color Negatives (C-41) at home! 


What will I need? You will need the basic darkroom tools - tank, beakers, etc. to develop your color film. If you're new to home developing check out our blog WHAT STUFF DO I NEED. Once developed you will need a scanner to scan your newly developed negative. We recommend our Basic Scanner Kit or Epson v800.

Our recycled 1-Liter containers are perfect for storing and squeezing. You will need THREE bottles for your C-41 Kit (One for the Developer, One for the Blix, One for the Stabilizer)

How many rolls can I develop from my kit? The kit claims you can process 12-15rolls of film but FPP Guy Mark Dalzell has s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d this kit to develop 20+ rolls!!! Before capping your chemistry after use, squeeze out all of the extra air making your chems air-tight. This will greatly prolong your kit.


Can I PUSH my color film?

What if I shot my Portra 400 at 800 iso...or 1600 iso? Can I push develop? Yes, you can.

1 stop push, extend the developing time to 4 minutes 40 seconds 
2 stop push, extend the developing time to 5 minutes 25 seconds.  
3 stop push is not recommended for color film. 


BREAKING NEWS! If you are processing at home with our very own C-41 Kit you can SHOOT and PROCESS any C-41 film AND you can also develop the awesome Kodak Vision 3 line of color motion picture films! Read on!

How do I process Kodak Vision 3 line of films with FPP's c-41 Kit?

In addition to  following the standard directions for C-41 home-processing please add the following steps.

1. When pouring your chemistry back into your containers, please use a coffee filter in your funnel to capture any "rem jet" waste. This will keep your chemistry clean for re-use!

2. After your Blix, rinse your film in a half bucket of hot water (80 - 102 degrees F). With your thumb, gently rub the non-emulsion side of your film as you remove it from your film reel. Careful not to scratch the emulsion of your film. Final rinse under running water before submerging your film into the two-minute Stabilizer. You will see the black rem jet in your water as you rinse.

That's it! Hang your film to dry and then scan! Enjoy!!!!

Notice: We can not replace kits if not mixed properly or if accidentally discarded. Do not get your blix (even a drop) into your developer! We only sell full kits. We do not have replacement parts. We do not accept returns on photo chemistry.

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