Darkroom Supplies - FPP Heat Helper

  • $69.99

FPP Heat Helper Temperature Assist
Have you been having difficulty getting your C-41, ECN-2, E6 or BW chemistry to the proper temperature? Well, FPP to the rescue! With the new FPP Heat Helper you can simply and easily get your chemistry up to the correct, consistent temperature. A perfect heater!

What is the FPP Heat Helper.
Our Heat Helper is actually the As-Seen-On-TV Power Precision Cooker (also referred to as a immersion circulator for Sous Vide style of cooking). Not only is it great for bringing the water around your home chemistry up to temp, but it's also great for cooking meats and veggies. Full instructions enclosed. Unit must be plugged in to operate.

Darkroom Tested by The FPP Gang!
The FPP Heat Helper has been darkroom tested by Leslie Lazenby, Mark O'Brien and Michael Raso.
Note: Heat Helper unit is new. Outer box may have shelf wear.

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