35mm BW Film - Kodak TMax 3200 (expired - 1 roll)

35mm BW Film - Kodak TMax 3200 (expired - 1 roll)

  • $8.99

1 Roll / 35mm / 36 exp / ISO 3200 / DX Coded / Process: BW
Kodak's chromogenic BW film that processes in C-41 chemistry!
Expired 2000 or later

Note: Each roll ships in plastic canister - not box.

Tips for processing and shooting.
Film loses sensitivity over time and color film will have some dye shifting. The general rule of thumb is to cut your ISO in half for every decade the film has aged. For example, shoot iso 400 film that is 1 decade old at 200 iso. Use a camera where you can manually enter or override your iso.

Blog - Should I shoot Expired Film?

TheDarkroom will have no problem processing and scanning expired color c-41 film. If you shoot LOTS of film, consider starting to process your film at home.

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