Darkroom Supplies - FPP E6 Color Slide Ektachrome Development Kit

  • $36.99

FPP E6 Home Processing Kit for Ektachrome and FujiChrome Color Slides

It's here! After many years, The Film Photography Podcast gang has finally discovered the JOY of home processing our color E6 slide film. We're happy to offer this kit to you! Note: We ship E6 kits to US and Canada only.

Makes 1 US Quart - You will need 3 (32 ounce ) quart containers to mix your E6 kit up ready for use . One each for:

  • 1st Developer
  • Color Developer
  • Blix

You will also need the basic darkroom tools - tank, beakers, etc. to develop your color slide film. Not included - These addl items are available at The FPP Darkroom Supply section.

Shelf Life - Unmixed, your kit will last years. Once mixed, 12 rolls of 35mm or 6 months (whichever comes first). If you use plastic 1 quart containers, squeeze out all extra air before capping. This will help extend the life of your chemistry.

Notes about PUSHING Color Slide Film by Leslie Lazenby

E6 pushing, you will compensate only the times in the 1st Developer, not the Color developer.
A 1-stop push times for E6 in the 1st developer would be:
  • 70 degrees = 37 minutes
  • 75 degrees = 29.5 minutes 
  • 80 degrees  = 23.5 minutes 
  • 100 degrees = 8 minutes
  • 105 degrees = 8 minutes
A 2-stop push times for E6 in the 1st developer would be:
  • 70 degrees = 42 minutes
  • 75 degrees = 33.5 minutes
  • 80 degrees = 26.5 minutes
  • 100 degrees = 10.5 minutes
  • 105 degrees = 10.5 minutes
  • 100 degrees is recommended for hand processing and 105 is recommended for rotary tube. 
Remember you only adjust the 1st developer. 

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