Double 8 Film - 25 foot Camera Take-Up Spool

Double 8 Film - 25 foot Camera Take-Up Spool

  • $10.99

One vintage, 25 foot camera take-up spool for your 8mm cine camera that accepts Double 8mm (a.k.a. Regular 8) film. Spool will be vintage plastic or metal.

above: How to know if your camera can take Cine8 film? Open your camera compartment. You will see one empty spool (the take-up Spool). Need a camera take-up spool? Order one today!

How does 8mm film work?
Regular 8 film is actually 16mm in width when you receive it (on a 25ft daylight camera spool). On the first pass though the camera, the film is exposed only along half of its width. When the first pass is complete, you open the camera and flip / swap the spools. The same film is exposed along its other edge. After the film is developed, both sides of the film is scanned to create a 2-3 minute file (per roll).

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This spool WILL NOT fit Super 8 or 8mm cameras that take magazine carts. 

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