35MM BW FILM - FPP 35mm X-Ray Film

  • $11.99

FPP BW 35mm X-Ray Film
36 exp Roll / Shoot between 200 - 400 ISO / Non DX-Coded

With its unique subtle glow, FPP 35mm BW X-ray Film is the perfect choice for luminous BW photography.

Sourced from medical X-ray film and adapted to standard perforated 35mm film for your still photography camera, FPP 35mm BW X-ray film builds a diffusion effect and beautiful, enhanced grain into every photo due to the lack of anti-halation layer. For best results, shoot between 200 – 400 ISO.  

Light Piping and Artifacting
This film stock is subject to "light piping" when exposed to room light. Please load in dim light and store in a dark camera bag before and after shooting. If storing your film in fridge, freezer or home shelf, store in a light tight bag as well. What is light piping? 
Read our blog by Leslie Lazenby. Due to the conversion to 35mm you may find frames that contain artifacts. This is inherent to the film and may or may not appear on your developed film.

Acetate film base
Film can be handled and developed using a Kodak (6 watt) red safelight

Send your film to The Darkroom for development, prints and scans

Develop, prints and scan - https://thedarkroom.com/

Developing at home
Kodak D76 (or FPP 76) – 6 minutes at 68 degrees Fahrenheit
Diafine - 5 min (both baths) - 70 degrees F

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