Darkroom Supplies - FPP C-41 / ECN-2 Super Color Negative Development Kit (1 Liter - Powder)

Darkroom Supplies - FPP C-41 / ECN-2 Super Color Negative Development Kit (1 Liter - Powder)

  • $19.99

FPP's Super Color Negative Home Development Kit - 1 Liter
Develop Color Negative ECN-2 (and C-41) at home! 

Detailed Instruction Sheet included with your kit

What will I need? You will need the basic darkroom tools - tank, beakers, etc. to develop your color film. If you're new to home developing check out our blog WHAT STUFF DO I NEED to see. well, what stuff you need. Once developed you will need a scanner to scan your newly developed negative. We recommend the FPP Basic Scan Kit or Epson v800.

Storage Containers -  Our recycled 1-Liter containers are perfect for storing. You will need THREE bottles for your C-41 Kit (One for the Developer, One for the Bleach, One for the Fixer).

The recommended number of rolls per kit is 13 - 15 35mm rolls (with a 4 to 6 week mixed use time - unmixed chemistry can keep in a cool, dry place for 12 - 18 months +). If you are shooting something very important, please consider abiding by those guidelines. Before capping your chemistry after use, squeeze out all of the extra air.  This will greatly prolong your kit. Read Leslie Lazenby's BLOG about this kit HERE.

above: Mat Marrash demonstrated the new FPP Color negative Kit. (Note: This kit does not come with Stabilizer - Step not needed for modern film).


Can I PUSH my color film?

What if I shot my Portra 400 at 800 iso...or 1600 iso? Can I push develop? Yes, you can.

1 stop push, extend the developing time to 4 minutes 40 seconds 
2 stop push, extend the developing time to 5 minutes 25 seconds.  
3 stop push is not recommended for color film. 

Notice: We can not replace kits if not mixed properly or if accidentally discarded. Do not get your bleach or fixer (even a drop) into your developer! We only sell full kits. We do not have replacement parts. We do not accept returns on photo chemistry.

WARNING: User assumes all risk upon associated with using this photo chemistry kit. Avoid respiratory and eye contact. The manufacturer will not be held responsible for any injuries or chemical damage caused by any of the contents of this package. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS

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