126 BW Film - Verichrome Pan (1 ROLL - EXPIRED)

126 BW Film - Verichrome Pan (1 ROLL - EXPIRED)

  • $19.99

We dug deep in our film fridge and found some expired 126 cartridge film! Certainly the find of the year - Get out your Instamatic!

126 Format
Black and White
12 exposures per roll
Current batch expired June 1980

Kodak's Verichrome is an amazingly "hearty" BW film that can withstand years of storage and still produce excellent images! With currently no new manufacturer of 126 film, this is an awesome opportunity to shoot 126! Plus, those do-it-yourselfers can save the cartridge and re-load it with 35mm film!


This film has not been batch tested. Your results are not guaranteed. TheDarkroom can process, scan and print this film.


Save your cartridge and reload with 35mm film! (see video below)

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