126 Re-Loaded / Re-Usable Cartridge (FPP Color Film)

  • $29.99

126 Film Cartridge (Loaded with 35mm FPP Color Film - Cart is Re-Loadable)
20 exposures - Loaded with FPP Color Film - Process: C-41

This item is not returnable so please read ALL of the info on this page before purchasing.

OVERVIEW: What is it?
This item is a vintage 126 cartridge with the original backing paper - re-loaded with 35mm film. Because 35mm film contains more sprockets than 126 film, the image area will bleed into the sprockets. It is designed for folks who process and scan their own film since it is re-loadable. (If you send your film out, request your cartridge, spool and backing paper back so you can reload) After shooting, you can take the cartridge and re-load it yourself with 35mm film.

Will it work with my 126 camera?
Re-loaded 126 cartridges work best with the Kodak Instamatic X-15, X-35, Keystone 126, Imperial MagiMatic, Agfa 100 series cameras cameras, It "may" work in the Kodak 100 series and Hawkeye 126 camera but may be "crunchy" advancing. One tip (especially with the Keystone and Imperial MagiMatic cameras) is to hold the shutter button DOWN while you advance to the next number. 

Tips for shooting FPP 126 Re-Loads

  • Know your camera. Before loading, test your cameras shutter and find the “pin” near the inside shutter compartment. This “pin” is what resets your shutter to shoot. Video - Test your camera HERE
  • Load your 126 cartridges in dim light. The cartridge was cracked in order for us to re-load - avoid light leaks by loading in dim light. When your roll is exposed, return it to the black bag before processing.

  • Spacing - A few frames per roll may overlap (as pictured above). This can be avoided by advancing once more after taking each shot.
  • Avoid light leaks. You can avoid light leaks by taping up the outside of your camera’s film compartment.
  • Our re-loads are designed for DIY (Do-It-Yourselfers) who process their own film. If you don’t home process and wish to re-load the cartridge yourself, ask your photo lab to return the cartridge, backing paper and spool. For those of you not home processing or scanning you can send your cartridge to The Darkroom.com,  Dwayne's Photo, Old School Film Lab or Blue Moon Camera  and request they return your cartridge.

Video - How to re-load the cartridge.

Important! The FPP Re-Loads come as-is, without warranty and is not returnable. Use at your camera’s risk. If your camera has not been used for a long time, check that it’s still in good working conditions(using the tips above).

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