127 Color Film - Kodak Gold 200

127 Color Film - Kodak Gold 200

  • $18.99

Kodak Gold Color* - 200 ISO 127 Roll Film
This film is for use in your vintage 127 cameras.

*Film has been modified and respooled from Kodak Gold 120 film by the Shanghai Jian Cheng Technology Co., LTD China. It is sold to you without warranty due to this modification. We can not guarantee your results. All sales are final. 

Examples of cameras that use 127 film: Primo Jr., Yashica 44, Kodak Brownie Bullet, Baby Rollei, Komaflex, Baby Pearl, Parvola, Walz Automat, Minolta Miniflex and others. More info? Check out TheDarkroom.com's blog on 127 film.

How many shots per roll? 127 film (like 120 roll film) has numbers imprinted on the backing paper. Number of exposures ( 8, 12 or 16) determined by what type of camera you have. Please consult your camera manual as to how many exposures you will get per roll as well as how to load film. Don’t have a camera manual? Visit Butkus Camera Manuals. Mike offers most camera manuals for 127 cameras.

Light leaks - Vintage camera the age of 127 cameras are prone to light leaks. Best to tape up the seams around the film compartment with light tight tape. Light leaks can also occur if your camera does not wind the film tightly onto your take-up spool. This is known as a "Fat Roll". Also, when handling your film - always store your exposed film in its black bag or snap case. This film is not guaranteed. We do not offer refunds or replacement rolls.

TheDarkroom.com can develop, print and scan your 127 film!

Home developing? Consult the MASSIVE DEV CHART on-line for developing times.

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