16mm Film - Double Perf - CINE16 BW Negative 100 iso - 100 ft

16mm Film - Double Perf - CINE16 BW Negative 100 iso - 100 ft

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Please read all of the information on this page before ordering as motion picture film is not returnable.

The CINE16 DOUBLE PERF BW Negative (100 ISO) is fresh, panchromatic BW negative film stock on 100 foot (30 meters) daylight spools ready to load into your 16mm cine camera. Film is on a triacetate base.

This film when developed produces a film negative. Negative film must be scanned or printed. A negative can not be projected.

Cine 16 Double Perf is for all 16mm cameras that accept a 16mm 100 foot daylight spool. (This film will not work in 8mm Bolex or other 8mm cameras). 

FPP Cine 16 bw 100 Negative is a black-and-white negative film (triacetate base) with medium to low grain and high resolving power. FPP Cine 16 bw 100 Negative has a speed rating of ISO 100. Due to its wide exposure latitude the film gives excellent results (as ISO 40) or underexposed (as ISO 400) without any change in processing.

We can Process/Scan your Cine 16 BW Negative film. Visit our Process/Scan page to order these services.

Home developing (Note that you will need a special tank - What tank?)

Kodak D76 - Stock Solution / 68° Fahrenheit / 6-7 min

FPP D96 - Stock solution / 68° Fahrenheit / 7 minutes

Kodak HC-110 - Dilution B / 68° Fahrenheit / 6 minutes or Dilution H (1+63) for 12 minutes

Kodak X-Tol - Stock solution / 68° Fahrenheit / 5-6 minutes

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