16mm Film - Double Perf Fresh - CINE16 BW Reversal 50 iso - 100 ft

  • $40.99

The CINE16 DOUBLE PERF BW Reversal (50 ISO) is fresh film stock, hand-rolled onto 100 foot (30 meters) daylight spools ready to load into your 16mm cine camera.

A panchromatic positive BW film coated onto a polyester base that provides excellent dimensional stability. 

Cine 16 Double Perf is for all 16mm cameras that accept a 100 ft daylight spool.  This film will not fit a 8mm Bolex camera! Cine16 Double Perf 50 iso reversal is a panchromatic negative film, coated onto a transparent polyester base. Thickness of the polyester base: 0.10 mm (.004”).

We can Process/Scan your Cine 16 BW Reversal film. Visit our Process/Scan page to order these services.

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