35mm / 120 DigitaLIZA Smart Phone Film Scanner Kit

  • $99.99

Lomography DigitaLIZA Smart Phone Film Scanner Kit

Take full control of scanning your 35 mm, 120 and special format negatives using your smartphone or digital camera and the DigitaLIZA Max Scanning Kit.
Note: Comes with holder for smart phone. If you plan on using your DSLR, you will need a tripod or copy stand (not included).

  • An all-in-one modular system for versatile scanning with your smartphone or digital camera.
  • Featuring 35 mm and 120 film holders, with a built-in backlight.
  • Scan 35 mm, 120 and even 127 negatives, as well as special formats like overlapping exposures or exposed sprocket holes.
  • Enjoy smooth, fast workflows at home or on the go with this compact scanning system.
  • Scan your images using a scanning app like FilmLab (not included).
Scannable Film Size: 35 mm with Sprockets, 35 mm, 120, 127
Scanning Device: Mobile Phone, dSLR Cameras, Mirrorless Cameras
Batteries/Power: 2 × AA Batteries, 5 V micro USB
Smart Phone (pictured) not included.

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