35mm BW Film - Eastman Kodak Hi-Con 2369

  • $9.99

Eastman Hi Con 2369 35mm Black & White Film
One Roll / iso 25 / 24 exposures / DX-Coded

EASTMAN “Hi-Con” 2369 is a high-contrast, panchromatic film. 

above: photo by Leslie Lazenby / shot on Hi-Con 2369

This film (on an Estar base) has an ultra-high resolving power, with excellent definition and amazing sharpness and workable with many standard BW developers. It can show a little glow with slight over exposure or over development. Being a high contrast film accurate exposure is recommended yet it lends itself to some fun results with experimentation. The ESTAR base is super clear with no base fog and dries flat for easy scanning or printing. We recommend an ISO of 25. Each roll is DX-Coded so you can use in any automatic 35mm camera!

Fun Fact: The primary use of this film was for making silhouette mattes and special fx traveling mattes at motion picture labs.


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