35mm BW Film - FPP FILM LOVE 200 (Hearts) - 1 Roll

  • $9.99

1 Roll / 24 exp / 200 iso / DX Coded / Process: BW

What is FILM LOVE bw film?
This wonderful film was manufactured by and for a private surveillance company here in the USA. Because it is a surveillance film, the film has a wonderful latitude and is perfect as a "go to" everyday film.

FPP edu 200

Images above and below shot by Leslie Lazenby on FPP FILM LOVE.

FPP edu 200

Where can I get this film processed? 
You can process yourself or send it out to our fav lab TheDarkroom.com!

Home processing notes:

FPP D96 8 minutes @ 68 degrees F.

Kodak D-76 - stock - 6 minutes @ 68 degrees.

Kodak HC110 Dilution B for 6 minutes

FPP Super MonoBath

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