35mm BW Film - Street Candy ATM 400 - 1 Roll

  • $11.99

STREET CANDY ATM 400 35mm Hand-Rolled film
1 Roll / 36 exp / 400 iso / Non-DX Coded / Process: BW

Creator Vincent Moschetti describes Street Candy ATM 400 BW film, "Street Candy ATM 400 is a Panchromatic Black & White film originally coated for security and surveillance cameras. Intended to fight crime against humanity, banks, ATM, offices or any sensible locations, you can now enjoy this film in your 35mm Film Camera. With high contrast and sensitivity, it's the perfect companion for Street Photography, urban scenery and harsh light conditions."

Street Candy ATM 400 is not only a great choice for all types of architecture and street photography, but also yields unusual and interesting results in portraits, landscape and nature photography.  

Large format film shooter Mat Marrash recently loaded up some 35mm Street Candy in his Leica point and shoot camera and had this to say: "I like the look of the film. You definitely can't be afraid of the grain, but the results were great. When developed in XTOL 1:1, it had a nice, long tonal scale with an almost transparent base. Film handles a little thinner than most Ilford/Fuji/Kodak emulsions, but not so sensitive that I was scared of scratches. I think this film is for somebody that's interested in a change of pace from the standard offerings, and wants to focus on a hybrid workflow. The film itself scans very easily in a flatbed (easy to scan the full range in one pass), but also contact prints in the traditional darkroom just as easy."

"EOS Mike" shot by Mat Marrash on Street Candy ATM 35mm film!

Where can I get this film processed? 
You can process yourself or send it out to our fav lab TheDarkroom.com! If home processing consult the Massive Dev Chart and use the development times for Ilford Hp5


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