35mm Color - Harman Phoenix Color 200

  • $10.99

Harman Phoenix Color 200 Experimental 35mm Film
1 roll / 36 exp / ISO 200 / Process: C-41 / DX-Coded

The first ever color film imagined, created, and manufactured from the Harman Factory in the United Kingdom!!


HARMAN Phoenix 200 is an experimental C41 color film and the first ever made by HARMAN Photo. As such it has characteristics that make this very different to the more traditional, established C41 color negatives films.

In addition to the risk of occasional coating anomalies, this film does not have masking dyes and limited antihalation incorporated in the base layer. This means that striking halation effects around bright light sources and reflections are possible. In addition to its atypical color rendering, this film has a distinctly analogue look when shooting certain scenes and color palettes.

What to expect

  • Strong visible grain.
  • Thin latitude (important to shoot at box speed 200 iso)
  • Punchy colors that can react differently depending on scanner settings.
  • Strong greens, good reds, and vibrant blues.
  • Possibility of halation.
  • Some coating anomalies.

Getting the best out of HARMAN Phoenix 200

  • Shoot in good, consistent light.
  • Get your exposure correct.
  • Works best for scenes and subjects that fills the frame.

Download the Harman Phoenix Technical Sheet at our WeTransfer link HERE.

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