35mm Infrared Film - Ilford SFX200 (1 Roll)

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 1 Roll / 35mm / 200 iso / 36 exp / Process: BW

SFX 200 is a medium speed panchromatic film which has peak red sensitivity at 720nm, and extended red sensitivity up to 740nmThis film produces awesome infrared results when shot with R72, Red, Orange or Red filter over your lens! The deeper the filter, the more dramatic the effects!

By using a deep red filter skies can be rendered almost black and most green vegetation almost white. Its unusual tonal rendition ensures interesting results for a range of subjects, including portraits, landscapes, townscapes and architecture.

Photo above: Aldo Altamirano
Nikon F6 / AF 50mm f/1.4D / Hoya R72 filter

Tips for shooting SFX 200 by Aldo Altamirano

No doubt SFX is probably the best film if you want to try/start with IR BW film photography. It doesn't require special care like other type of IR films like Kodak HIE, Efke IR, Konica 750nm or color FPP InfraChrome.

If you want to get strong IR look, a Hoya R72 filter is my recommendation. Just keep in mind, most IR filters are very dark and you'll need to use slow shutter speeds in the order of 1 second or less, so you'll need a tripod. Small apertures are also recommended (f/9-f/16). IR light have different focus distances than regular light, thus the more depth you get, the better to have everything in focus.

IR filters usually block visible light and it gets challenging to compose with a SLR (you can't see anything trough the viewfinder) so a rangefinder will be perfect for this, that said, I've used IR filters with SLR cameras with no problems, you just need to be patient composing the image.

SFX works great as regular 200 ISO BW panchromatic film too, no recommendations needed just get a roll, put it in your favorite film camera and go out for great shots!

Visit Aldo's photostream on Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/altamiranopics/


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