4x5 Sheet Film - Ilford Ortho Plus BW Negative Film (25 Sheets)

  • $39.99

Ilford Ortho Plus BW 4x5 - One box of 25 sheets.

ILFORD ORTHO Plus black and white copy film is
designed for many applications. While it is recommended for continuous tone copy work, the film is used by adventurous film photographers for portrait work and landscapes with awesome results!

above: FPP Podcast listener Tony Hicks! Shot by Michael Raso on Ilford Ortho Plus BW 4x5 Sheet Film / Graflex Crown Graphic camera

The blue and green sensitivity enables the film to be handled in red safe-light and allows processing by inspection.

ISO - Daylight 50 to 80 ASA/ Tungsten sources 25 - 40 ISO ("Many photographers are shooting ASA 50 and 25 respectively." says FPP's Mat Marrash)

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