Adapter - 616 to 120 Film Adapter

  • $19.99

616 to 120 Film Adapter!

Load 120 film in your vintage Kodak 616 film camera!
Designed by CameraHack and imported from Italy! 
Divertiti a scattare con la tua Kodak vintage!


  • Four adapter pieces - Two for your 120 film and two for your take-up spool.
  • One 120 take-up spool.

616 Adapter

The 616 Adapter is the Film Adapter Kit that let you load normal medium format 120 film in cameras made for the 616 film spools. We include a 120 take-up spool so there is no re-spooling involved. Simply apply the adapters, shoot and process!

With 120 film in a 616 film camera you’ll get 6 panoramic-format photographs with a size of about 11x6cm (4¼ x 2½ inches).

This adapter features a stainless steel flange that perfectly reproduce the same hole that’s in the original 616 spool flange. They are laser-cut out of a 1mm thick stainless steel plate.

The plastic parts are printed with a very solid PLA organic polymer, which is even stronger than the 120 spool material itself! Note that your adapter color will vary from the one pictured.

above: FPP guy Mike Raso with his vintage Kodak camera

Which 616 cameras?
Kodak box Brownies, Kodak Brownie Special Six-16, Kodak SIX-16Model C, Kodak Jiffy Six-16, and also some Agfa and Ansco boxes and folders, or even the Seneca 2A Box Scout. Every 616 camera can be used.

Enjoy shooting!


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