APS Film – fnac 400

  • $12.99

fnac APS film - 400 iso - expired (date unknown) - 40 exposure roll

For APS shooters who LOVE a mystery! We're happy to present a mysterious, European manufactured 40 exposure roll of poorly-stored, ultra expired APS film. Who manufactured the film? What country was it sold? Your guess is as good as ours!

Love it grindy!? Grab a roll!

According to FPP listener Bill - "fnac - is probably rebadged film made for the French technology store "fnac". They sell consumer cameras, film processing and electrical in a number of French towns"

Note: We’ve tested one roll in each batch before making it available in the FPP store.  However, since we can’t test or guarantee each roll, your results may vary!  As with any film that has expired, expect some color and contrast shifts in your processed film. Film is daylight balanced C-41 processing.

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