35mm Film Camera - Canon T50 SLR (Vintage)

  • $39.99

Vintage 1983 Canon T50 35mm Single Lens Reflex Camera

Camera is pre-owned, fully tested by FPP's Michael Raso and ships with new batteries and ready to shoot!*


  • Canon T50 Camera (AA batteries included)
  • Cosina 35 - 70mm lens

"The Canon T50, introduced in March 1983 and discontinued in December 1989, was the first in Canon's new T series of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras compatible with Canon's FD lens mount."

The manual focus Canon T50 is most likely the simplest camera in the FD arsenal. Program - Off - Battery Check are the only top controls. No "B" bulb, no PC flash input, no cable-release input.

Turning the FD lens from "A" Automatic to f-stops switches the camera to 1/60th sec. This gives you the (limited choice) option of going manual and allowing the use of off-brand flashes.

The T50 is simplistic joy - allowing you to concentrate on your shots and leaving the exposure chores to the camera!

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*Please note that this camera is fully tested by The (FPP) Film Photography Project. Camera is vintage and may have a few scuffs and/or physical imperfections. These imperfections will not affect performance. Due to the cameras age, we do not grade the lens glass, inspect seals, test shutter accuracy or accept returns. Stock image pictured.

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