Darkroom Supplies - 1 Liter Container (1 Liter Recycled)

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One - 1 Liter Plastic Container. (Recycled)

This is the 1 Liter bottle that FPP Founder Michael Raso uses in his darkroom. Perfect for the 1 Liter BW D76 developer or the 1 Liter C-41 kit or the New, Super Color Negative Kit!

You will need THREE containers for our color negative kits.

The FPP is working with the local community to collect and recycle containers for use in your darkroom.

Tip: Remember to s-q-u-e-e-z-e out excess air before capping your chemistry. This will greatly extend the life of your chemistry!

Darkroom Supplies

1 Liter recycled containers in-action in the FPP darkroom!

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