Darkroom Supplies - FPP Archival Permanent Wash (1 qt)

  • $19.99

FPP Archival Permanent Wash (1 liquid quart concentrate)
For Black & White Negatives

Using an archival wash with your films and papers not only saves you over 90% water usage but guarantees your images will last the test of time.

The time and water savings are substantial (film wash times can be cut from 1 hour to 3 minutes!)

Mix 1 Gallon - Use 3 ounces of product concentrate to make to make one gallon of long lasting working solution. You can pour back and reuse your working solution for up to 3 months.

The capacity per gallon of working solution is 75-100 rolls/sheets of film.

Mix 1 Quart -  use .75 oz (22ml) per quart. Follow the directions on the bottle for mixing and use. It will last 3 month in a closed container, and will treat approximately 18 rolls of film.

Q: Is this the same as "Hypo Clearing Agent". Can I use FPP Archival Wash instead?
A: (From FPP's Leslie Lazenby) 
Yes you can use FPP's Archival Permanent Wash instead Hypo Clear. It's economical, does a better job and is much more long lasting.

  • Economical;  it takes just a few ounces to make a gallon. The time and water savings is amazing. Your wash time of 30 minutes to one hour is reduced to 3 minutes. That's a lot of water! 
  • Long lasting;  on the shelf or mixed it exhausts by use not by oxygen exposure. 
  • Gets the job done; I've used this formula for 40 years and my negatives still look great. My predecessor used it before me and I have all of his negatives dated to the 1930s. All perfect.  I looked into other version of Hypo Clearing agent and found they did not have all these qualities. It truly is a superior product.  

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