126 BW Perforated Bulk Film - 1 Roll

  • $11.99

FPP BW 126 Perforated Bulk Film - 1 Roll - 100 ISO
approx. 18 exposures - Process: BW

Before ordering - consider this product a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project. You will need time, a dark work space and patience to re-load your cartridge with this bulk film. This product is one bulk roll only. The FakMatic Adapter is sold separately.

You will receive:
One roll - 126 hand-perforated roll of BW film in a black canister.

What you will need in order to shoot this film (sold separately):

  • A 126 format film camera
  • A Fakmatic Adapter or Vintage 126 Cartridge to load this film into
  • A dark room or film changing bag
  • The ability to develop/scan your own film. *

*If you do not develop your own film, you will need to unload your film in the dark and return it to its black canister. You will need to explain to your lab that the canister contains loose 126 format film.

This item is not returnable and is sold without warranty. Please read ALL of the info on this page and watch our video before purchasing.

OVERVIEW: FPP 126 Perforated Film - what is it?
This is hand-perforated 126 format film.

Will it work with my 126 camera?
Yes, our hand-perforated 126 film should work with any 126 format camera. However, this is our “beta test” first batches. There is no warranty or return on this film due to the age of vintage cameras. 

Tips for shooting FPP 126 Film

  • Know your camera. Before loading, test your cameras shutter and find the “pin” near the inside shutter compartment. This “pin” is what resets your shutter to shoot. Video - Test your camera HERE
  • Load film into your 126 cartridges in complete darkness 
  • Avoid light leaks. You can avoid light leaks by taping up the outside of your camera’s film compartment.

Emulsion / Developing Info - FPP BW 126 Perforated Film is our WolfMan / Cine 16 bw 100 Negative) emulsion. A black-and-white negative film (triacetate base) with medium to low grain and high resolving power. Film has a speed rating of ISO 100. .

Developing Info:

  • Kodak D76 - Stock Solution / 68° Fahrenheit / 6-7 min
  • Kodak D76 - 1+1 / 68° Fahrenheit / 10 min
  • FPP D96 - Stock solution / 68° Fahrenheit / 7 minutes
  • Kodak HC-110 - Dilution B / 68° Fahrenheit / 6 minutes or Dilution H (1+63) for 12 minutes
  • Kodak X-Tol - Stock solution / 68° Fahrenheit / 5-6 minutes
  • Sprint Standard - Dilution 1-9 / 8.5 minutes / 68° Fahrenheit
  • Rodinal / PyroCat - Download Chart HERE (WeTransfer Link)

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