Minolta 16 - Cartridge

  • $12.99

MINOLTA 16 Cartridge

One MINOLTA 16 CARTRIDGE for re-loading and shooting in your Minolta 16 Spy camera.

Cartridge DOES NOT include film (available separately). Each cartridge is 3D printed by The FPP and requires that you load film before shooting.  This cartridge will only fit Minolta 16 cameras (or cameras that accept the Minolta 16 cartridge). We do not accept returns on this item.

What film can I use?
We recommend our Minolta 16 film.

Load your cartridges in total darkness (Dark room or film changing bag). Approx 17 inches of film will give you 20 exposures in your Minolta 16 camera.

Develop at home (or contact Blue Moon Camera for developing/prints/scans)

Check out the Sub Club (where sub-miniature photography is alive and well) - http://www.subclub.org/

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