Minolta 16 - 25ft Bulk Roll - Ektachrome 100D Color (16mm - Double Perf)

Minolta 16 - 25ft Bulk Roll - Ektachrome 100D Color (16mm - Double Perf)

  • $34.99

16mm Double Perforated Film*

25 feet on daylight spool / Daylight Balanced / 100 iso / Process: E6

This is BULK FILM ONLY for re-loading your Minolta Film Cartridge (or 110 cartridge). Cartridges are not included. We do not accept returns on this film.

*Depending on your camera, the perforations may (or may not) appear in your image.

Film Handling Notification (to avoid leaks and fogging):  All of our Minolta 16 film is on a 25 foot daylight spool. Some are packaged in a tin, others are packaged in a little black bag. The black bag is not sealed so handle carefully. Please cut your film in a film changing bag or in a dark room. Any exposure to light will fog your film. When cutting off a strip of film please make sure you hold onto your film roll. Once un-taped, the film on the daylight spool can unravel (known as "runaway film"). Just clip what you need and re-tape the film to the spool. Once loaded into your Minolta cartridge, please load the cartridge into your camera. When not actually taking a shot, please keep your camera out of the sun and in a camera bag to avoid light leaks.

The Film Photography Project offers no guarantee or warranty for developed image that are light struck or any results whatsoever.

Re-loading 110 cartridges - If you are inexperienced with re-loading 110 film, please READ our instructional page by Daniel "NanoBurger" HERE. (110 re-loads can not be used in all 110 cameras.)

Develop at home (using our E6 Kit or contact Blue Moon Camera for developing/prints/scans)

Check out the Sub Club (where sub-miniature photography is alive and well) - http://www.subclub.org/

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