Paper - 5x7 Ilford Multigrade IV RC Pearl DeLuxe (100 Sheets)

  • $42.99

5x7 Ilford Multigrade IV RC Pearl DeLuxe (100 Sheets)

A versatile paper for general black and white enlargements. Features a pearl surface finish that has a more textured appearance than glossy paper to help reduce overwhelming surface reflections, yet still retains some reflectivity to achieve deeper black values for a longer apparent tonal scale. Its bright white base tint delivers a cool-to-neutral image color, and it responds well to select toners, especially selenium, for increasing the effective print lifespan.

To process your paper, you will need Kodak Dektol Paper Developer, Stop Bath and Fixer.

Photos printed on Ilford Paper by Mike Caputo.

As a variable contrast paper, it responds to seven full grades of contrast during printing, when using multigrade filters, and it is suitable for printing both conventional black and white negatives as well as chromogenic black and white negative films. Additionally, the paper can be processed using standard black and white chemistry in either trays or using machine processors.

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