35mm Film Camera -  Olympus iS-2 Point and Shoot (Vintage - Black)

35mm Film Camera - Olympus iS-2 Point and Shoot (Vintage - Black)

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Olympus iS-2 Point and Shoot 35mm Camera 

Be the envy of all your friends when they look at you shooting with this and say WTF is that! This Retro Future "Bridge Camera" design looks like no other 'compact' Point and Shoot Camera and will turn heads for sure!

"This is an Olympus iS-2, a 35mm Single Lens Reflex “Bridge” camera, produced by Olympus Optical Co., LTD in Tokyo, Japan starting in 1991.  After the manual focus Olympus OM-system, Olympus never made a serious 35mm SLR with auto focus.  The Olympus iS series was created to fill that gap in Olympus’s lineup.  The Olympus iS-2 was its North American name as the camera was also called the iS-2000 in Europe and L-2 in Japan.  A version with a date back called the iS-2 DLX also exists.  Despite having a non-interchangeable 3.8x zoom lens, and a design that was quite a bit different from a traditional SLR, the iS-2 has a long list of features, including a macro mode, an advanced pop up flash with two different strobes, a full suite of flash sync and exposure modes, and a motor drive that could shoot up to 2.5 frames per second.  As far as bridge cameras go, the Olympus iS-2 was quite a capable example of the genre."
- https://mikeeckman.com/2023/11/olympus-is-2-1991/

Camera Manual Download HERE.


  • Olympus iS-2 camera
  • Battery (installed)
  • Original instructional manual
  • Vintage camera bag

    Terms: Please note that this camera is tested by The (FPP) Film Photography Project. Camera is vintage and may have a few scuffs and/or physical imperfections. These imperfections will not affect performance. Due to the cameras age, we do not grade the lens glass, inspect seals, test shutter accuracy or accept returns. 

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