35mm Film Camera - Kodak Funsaver

35mm Film Camera - Kodak Funsaver

  • $11.99

Kodak FunSaver 35mm Single Use Color Camera!

Rated NUMBER 1 One-Time Use Camera - Blog by The Darkroom!

In-Camera Flash / 27 exp / 800 iso / Color (process C-41)

The FunSaver is a popular one-time use camera that's loaded with Kodak 800 ISO color film, so you know you're going to get rich, vibrant colors as well as exceptional details in your pictures. The flash enables you to shoot indoors or out, making the FunSaver 35mm the ideal disposable camera for parties, trips, or just about anywhere. Plus, the Kodak film means there's no memory card to accidentally erase.


  • Loaded with Kodak Color 800 ISO 
  • 27 exposure film for pictures with bright, vibrant colors
  • Built In Flash with 4 - 10 ft. range (must charge before every picture)

Process at https://thedarkroom.com/product/disposable-cameras/

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