35mm Bulk Roll Supplies - Roll-It-Yourself 35mm Kit

35mm Bulk Roll Supplies - Roll-It-Yourself 35mm Kit

  • $149.99

 The Time is NOW to Roll Your Own!

As discussed on The Film Photography Podcast Radio Show, you can roll your own 35mm film cartridges - You pick how many exposures per roll - 12 exp! 24 exp! 36 exp! or any odd number in between! Clean off a table, turn on The FPP Podcast and start rolling!

This Kit includes:

  • 1 - AP Bulk Film Loader - Durable bulk film loader. Unique features include ISO setting indicator, exposure counter, remaining film length indicator. The bulk film loader hand-picked and preferred by FPP's Michael Raso!
  • 5 - Recycled 35mm Film Cartridges!

Other supplies:

  • Kit DOES NOT include 35mm 100ft roll film - available Right HERE.
  • Kit DOES NOT include white artist's tape - available HERE.
  • You can order additional 35mm cartridges HERE.

Kodak Tri-X

 above: FPP Cowboy Joe Kolbek says "Have a Mr. Brown Iced Coffee and start rollin'!" 

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