Adapter - 35mm to 120 Film Adapter Kit / Sprockets!

  • $29.99

35mm to 120 Film Adapter! Shoot Sprockets!

This Deluxe Film Adapter Kit lets you load 35mm film in cameras made for the 120 film. With 35mm film in a 120 film camera you’ll get panoramic-format photographs with different sizes depending on your camera’s frame size.

Includes TWO Set Adapters - you can use included 35mm Cartridges as take-up!


  • TWO - 2-part adapter for your 35mm film canister
  • 1 120 take-up spool
  • 10 empty 35mm canisters (You can buy extra empty 35mm cartridges HERE.)
  • 1 detailed instructions paper

Please read all the info on this page before purchasing. Adapters will not work with more sophisticated cameras that have intricate loading (like the Mamiya m645, Mamiya 7, RB67). Adapters designed for simple box cameras like the Holga, FPP Debonair and other simple cameras.

Adapters are very sturdy - do not force them or use the wrong end. Adapters are not refundable and we will not replace adapters that are broken.

above: By using one set adapters allows you to use a 120 spool as take-up.

If you use this method:

  • You will need to tape up the window on the back of your camera so you do not get light leaks.
  • The take-up spool is a 120 spool so you will have to unload the camera in a dark room or black bag (rewinding the film back  into its 35mm cartridge.)
  • If a trusted lab like TheDarkroom is processing / scanning your film, you will have to select SPROCKETS as an option when ordering scans.

above: Using two set adapters method

    The eliminates the need to use a darkroom to change film! You will need a small pair of scissors. Remember to tape up the window on the back of your camera! 

    Above photo by Santi Navarro from the FPP Flickr Group.

    There are many formats and standards in the 120 film world - cameras that have different frame sizes. With 35mm film in a medium format camera you’ll get panoramic-format photographs with a size of about…
    — 3,5x6cm in 6×6 cameras
    — 3,5x7cm in 6×7 cameras
    — 3,5x9cm in 6×9 cameras
    — 3,5x17cm with panoramic cameras

    The larger the frame, the fewer the pictures will result from a roll of 35mm film. Another variable is the length of the film: the 135 film can have 12, 24, 27, 36 exposures or even more in case of manual bulk respoolings… On a 6×7 camera, a 24 exposures film will give you circa 12 photos 35x70mm. 36 exposures film will give you about 18 photos depending on the type of camera.

    Please read the detailed instructions enclosed with your kit. Happy Shooting!

    Recommended 35mm Films to use with your new Adapters:

    NOTE: Please read instructions. Forcing the adapter on the wrong part of your 35mm cartridge will result in breakage. This adapter is non-refundable.

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