Darkroom Supplies - FPP Home Development Starter Kit (BW)

Darkroom Supplies - FPP Home Development Starter Kit (BW)

  • $190.00

FPP Home Development Starter Kit (Black & White)

The folks at the Film Photography Project have been developing their own BW film since the college days. Now you can too at home!

Our kit will develop black and white negative film. (pick some up at our store!)

This starter kit includes everything you'll need to get started to develop your film. You will need table space and running water.

Included in this package:

  • One - 1-Liter Packet FPP 76 Developer
  • One - 1-Liter Packet FPP Fixer
  • Two - 1-Liter Recycled Containers
  • One Development Tank* (includes two reels)
  • One Film Changing Bag
  • One Thermometer 
  • One Measuring Beaker
  • One Funnel

* The tank included will hold two 35mm (or 126 format) rolls of film or one roll 120 (or 620). The reel is also adjustable for one roll 127 sized film.

Not included but recommended:

Once developed you will need a scanner to scan your newly developed negatives. We recommend the Epson v800 (not included).

Q&A (with Michael Raso)

Q: Are the developer and fixer that come in the kit reusable? Also the instructions say to reference the Massive Development Chart online but I cannot find what this brand is and what the times are.

A: BW developer is used as either "stock solution" or "further dilutions"

Stock solution (what I use) is when you use the developer (once mixed with water). This is reusable. When done with the developer, pour it back. Squeeze out any extra air before capping. (make sure you never get any fixer into your developer - it'll kill it) Same for fixer - it is reusable. You will get approx 10 - 15 rolls (35mm) out of each 1 liter Developer and Fixer.
Above: Video - Mixing your BW Chemistry.
Regarding development times for your BW film, please consult the Massive Dev Chart On-Line. When going to the Massive Dev Chart, use D76 as reference (our FPP76 is the same) Sometimes you'll see development times for 1:1 or 1:2 etc. This means that you dilute your developer from your 1 liter mixed. The dilution is one-shot and can not be reused (which is why I just use the stock solution)

When developing film

Pre-Wash your film (Some film have color dyes on them that will come off in the pre-wash). I usually do three pre-washes.

Develop your film > when done pour back (if using stock solution)

Wash > Stop development by doing a water wash x 3.

Fixer > Add fixer. Usually I do this for about 8 minutes or so.

All of the above is done while your film is in the tank. After fix, you can open your tank if you wish to wash.

Do water wash x 3

Final with Photo Flo. (recommended - sold separate)

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