Film Scanning Services - Polavision Cartridge (1 Cartridge)

Film Scanning Services - Polavision Cartridge (1 Cartridge)

  • $25.00

Introducing FPP film scan services for your Polavision Home Movie Cartridges. 

Polavision was launched in 1978 by Polaroid under the direct supervision of founder Edwin Land. It was Polaroid’s instant color home movie system. It was swiftly eclipsed by video and was discontinued in 1979.

Many folks have Polavision cartridges but can no longer  view the cartridges on 
now defunct players. The solution is retrieval and scanning to a modern digital format to save your priceless home movies. The FPP is at your service!

Our handy drop down (choose quantity tab "add-to-cart" above) is based on each Polavision Cartridge you send for scanning. Please contact Michael Raso if you have any questions -

Retrieving the film – Polavision cassettes contain a type of Super 8 film conceived to be quickly and easily developed on the Polavision processor after being removed from the camera; specifically, the film is a black-and-white emulsion on a film base covered with narrow red, green and blue filter stripes. Our first task is to remove the film from the cassette without damage.  Once removed, we would splice the film together to facilitate cleaning and scanning.  Note that once retrieved, the film will not be returned to the original cartridge. The film will be moved to a traditional 8mm film reel.

above: Recovered Polavision image

Scanning the film – Using our state-of-the-art LaserGraphics Film Scanner we scan each Polavision cartridge to a resolution you choose. HD, 2k or 4k. For home applications, we recommend the HD scan option.

Color Grading – With the original Polavision Instant Color Home Movie System, used cassettes were processed in the Polavision Processor and Viewer with no option to adjust for exposure or other issues after the fact – each piece in the proprietary system relied upon the other two. A frequent complaint about the system at the time was that the images appeared dark or muddy, a result of the color-upon-black-and-white emulsion formula that allowed swift and easy processing. To combat this, we color corrected the film using our DaVinci Resolve color grading system – and the results are dramatic!

above: Priceless memories recovered by The FPP.

Price includes:

  • Film Prep and recovery
  • Film Cleaning (if needed)
  • Film scan - We can scan your film 16x9 Full Frame. By scanning full frame, you will be able to see all of the image on your film including the film sprockets (see picture below).
  • Choose Output to HD 1920x1080, 2k or 4k resolution (Supply thumb drive or purchase FPP thumb drive here)


What to do:

  • Place order via this page (or contact Michael Raso direct with questions -
  • Send your Polavision Cartridge(s) along with one USB thumb drive to The FPP. (A 128gb drive is recommended for HD output. If you don’t have a thumb drive, you can purchase one from The FPP here.) The shipping fee in your shopping cart is for the return of your materials. You are responsible for shipping your materials to The FPP.

Ship to via Postal Service:
Film Photography Project
attn: Polavision Scanning Services
PO Box 264
Fair Lawn NJ 07410

If you are using UPS, FedEx or DHL please ship to our street address.
Film Photography Project
attn: Polavision Scanning Services
20-10 Maple Ave., Bldg 35D
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

After you receive your movie file we recommend that you back-up your data immediately to additional hard drive. Please DO NOT throw away your film! Your film will outlast any data file.

Edit Your Movies! Edit your movie to add music, sound effects, voice over, etc. Most computers have included editing software like Windows Movie Maker or Mac i-movie. Again, remember to always back up your data to another drive for safe storage.

Additional services available (at additional cost):

  • Compilation of 50 foot reels to larger 400 foot reels (for easy storage)

Questions or quotes on extra services - e-mail Michael Raso -

We also offer 16mm and 35mm motion picture scanning services.

The fine print - When you submit your film assets to Film Photography Project (FPP) for scanning or handling of any kind you agree to the fullest extent of the law to  indemnify, defend, and hold harmless FPP, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, and suppliers from and against all claims, losses, liabilities and damages of any kind, including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees, arising from or relating in any way to your use of our services, or any violation of these Terms, any law, or any rights of any third party, including when the active or passive negligence of  FPP is alleged or proven.

Sh*t Happens - Your media is very important to you, and we take every precaution to ensure the safety of your film while they are at our facility.  However, sometimes the unpredictable happens during shipping to and from our facility, or while a service is being provided.  Our commitment to you, is that if any item is lost or damaged by us while at our facility, we will replace it with an item of equivalent amount.  To ensure you are protected above and beyond our replacement of the raw materials, we strongly suggest you acquire insurance.  To ensure you are protected during the shipping of the items, please insure your packages. We can not replace the value of items that are lost in transit.

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