Minox Subminiature Spy Film - Color 400 Negative

Minox Subminiature Spy Film - Color 400 Negative

  • $22.99

Minolta 16

Film for your Minox Spy Camera!
Color Negative 400 / iso 400 / Process C-41

Film is for Minox Spy cameras and will not fit in Minolta 16 or other non-Minox cameras. Film is hand-cut Kodak Portra 400 emulsion. It is cut from new, fresh stock. This is a specialty film and we do not accept returns.

This film is custom slit using factory fresh cassettes directly from MINOX, GmbH.  It is a direct replacement for traditional Minox film.

    Processing Info
    This film is process C-41. We recommend Blue Moon Camera for Minox film processing (order form included with order). It can also be home processed using our FPP color negative kit

        Pictured Top: Bond, James Bond! George Lazenby shootin' with his Minox camera in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"!

        Check out the Sub Club (where sub-miniature photography is alive and well) - http://www.subclub.org/

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