Super 8 Film - Kodak Ektachrome 100D Color Positive Film

Super 8 Film - Kodak Ektachrome 100D Color Positive Film

  • $45.99

Fresh, color positive Kodak Ektachrome Super 8 film now available in a 50 ft Super 8 Cartridge! The perfect film for projecting onto a screen (or scanning to a digital file for digital presentation)

Film price does not include processing or transfer.


  • 50 foot cartridge of super 8 film

KODAK EKTACHROME 100D Color Reversal Film - Super 8 offers moderately enhanced color saturation while maintaining a neutral gray scale and accurate skin tone reproduction. It has exceptional sharpness with excellent grain performance. It offers strong reciprocity, uniformity, and keeping stability. Excellent for advertising, nature cinematography, documentaries, and music films. It can be scanned or projected.

Where can I get my Ektachrome processed? Dwayne's Photo, Yale Film and Spectra Film & Video will process this film.

Have The FPP professionally scan your Super 8 film!

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