35mm Color - FPP SUN Color (ISO 1)

  • $13.99

FPP SUN Color 35mm Film
24 exp / ISO 1 / Process: C-41 / No DX-Code
For use in a manual 35mm camera only! Not for use in any point and shoot cameras.

The Striking New 35mm Low ISO Color Negative Film from the Film Photography Project. 


Shoot in broad daylight. For unique, exceptional color movies with altered blues and vibrant reds choose FPP SUN Color, the newest low ISO color negative movie film from the Film Photography Project. FPP SUN Color is a technical film designed for making contact prints in a lab. When shot in your 35mm SLR camera, it delivers a color palette unlike any other color film!

FPP Color is a low-speed color 35mm film for use in manual SLR cameras. If your camera can’t be set to ISO 1, you can dial in ISO 25 and then open up 5 more f-stops. Another (better) option is to use a hand-held light meter (like the Sekonic or Gossen Luna Pro F) or use a Light Meter App on your Smart Phone. Intended for use in bright sunlight, FPP Color can adapt to lower lighting conditions with a longer shutter speed and use of a tripod. FPP Color is processed using standard C-41 color processing.

How do I set my f-stop? Use a hand-held light meter (like the Gossen Luna Pro F) or a Light Meter App

Don't want to Meter? Use this "cheat sheet" in broad daylight.
1/250th sec @ f1.4
1/125th sec @ f2
1/60th sec @ f2.8
1/30th sec @ f4
1/15th sec @ f5.6


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