116 Film - Kodak Color Vision3 50D (1 Roll)

  • $24.99

One Roll - Kodak Vision3 50D 65mm perforated color film for your 116 Camera. Film is fresh and hand-rolled onto 116 baking paper and spool by Michael Raso.

Daylight Balanced / 50 iso
Process Only: ECN-2

Please READ ALL info on this page before purchasing this film.

Check your camera - Please check your camera manual to make sure this is the correct film size. Please ask questions before purchasing as we do not accept returns for custom rolled film.

Backing Paper & Terms - The backing paper used is original backing paper that is over 50 years old. Tears and rips in backing paper have been repaired to avoid light leaks. Please load and unload in dim light. Due to the age of the backing paper and your camera your results will vary and are not guaranteed.

New, fresh, batch-tested film
We have batch-tested this film using a Kodak Jr Number 1 folding camera. Results are posted on this page.

Kodak 200T 116 Film

Above: Pompton Lakes shot on 116 1a Kodak Jr Camera - home processed - Epson v700 scan. Below: Same as above but scanned with sprocket holes.

Processing Info
This film is process ECN2. Blue Moon Camera is the recommended lab to process and scan this film.  It can also be home processed using our FPP color negative kit. If home processing, you will need a 116 sized (70mm) film tank or DIY-it in a bucket.

FPP customer asks:

Q: I saw that it is 65mm film; correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't 116/616 70mm? What is 65mm film used for?

A: It's 65mm motion picture film. The same size film used for the latest Star Wars film. Yes, 116/616 is 70mm wide. 65mm will fit nicely in the 116/616 backing paper.

Q: Do I need a filter to shoot with this film?

A: Our 50D film is daylight balanced. You will not need a filter to shoot in daylight.

Q: I'm also interested in when it expired, and if I should rate it at a different iso.

A: Kodak motion picture films are not stamped with an expiration date. This is new, fresh film and is stored cold. Rate it at "box speed" - 50 iso. 


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