120 BW Film - Lomography 400 Lady Grey (3-Pak!)

120 BW Film - Lomography 400 Lady Grey (3-Pak!)

  • $19.99

Lomography 120 Medium Format BW Negative 400

Three Rolls in one Filmtastic Box - ISO 400 - Process: BW

The Film Photography Project Store is proud to offer Lomography Lady Grey BW Negative 400 in Medium Format 120! Packaged in a glossy and awesome  box, each box is crammed with three rolls of film – Lady Grey 120 boasts super-fine grain and a wide tonal range that is sure to be the envy of many. Whether you want to shoot formal portraits or spontaneous shots, you can expect to get stark whites, lovely greys, and stunning blacks from this professional-grade emulsion. And with an ISO of 400, you can load this lady into any medium format camera and she will gladly take your photos in nearly all light conditions!

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