35mm BW Bulk Roll (100 ft) - Svema Blue Sensitive

  • $129.99

Svema Blue Sensitive 35mm Black & White Film / iso 6 / For bulk film loaders that accept 100 ft rolls of film.

Svema's Blue Sensitive comes to you on a snazzy lavender base with an ISO of 6. Svema Blue Sensitive has a creamy glow and pleasing results.

This blue-sensitive black-and-white film needs to be shot in daylight or using a flash/strobe. Avoid using a yellow filter or shooting in tungsten (indoor) light.

How do I meter for iso 6? If you camera can't be set to iso 6, you can set your meter iso to 25 open 2 f-stops.

Shot by long-time Film Photography Podcast listener August Kelm on Svema Blue Sensitive 35mm bw Film/ Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 set to 1/8 of a second, an adapted Helios 44-2 lens at wide open (f/2), and a cheap $10 monopod!

Svema Blue

Above: Skin tones on Svema Blue yields a pleasing "tan" or "chromey" look. Canon FTb / Canon FD 50mm f1.2 lens / Vivitar 252 flash / Processed in Caffenol (Harmony Blend) - Below: Denny's in Findlay, Ohio / Camera: Nikon FE2, Nikkor 35mm f2.8 Image by Leslie Lazenby

Svema Blue

Our 100 foot bulk rolls are for personal use, not re-selling. Sales of individual rolls from FPP bulk rolls is prohibited.

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