35mm BW Bulk Roll (100 ft) - Svema Foto 100

  • $79.99

100 feet (on core) / 35mm / BW / 100 iso / Process: BW

For bulk film loaders that accept 100 ft rolls of film

Svema Foto 100 BW film direct and fresh from Eastern Europe to The Film Photography Project Store. 

Notes from Svema film shooter Leslie Lazenby:
"Svema Foto 100 has a thin polyester base, is panchromatic, is true 100 speed and dries super flat. I home-processed in Xtol stock - 7 minutes @ 68 degrees, 5 seconds agitation twice every minute. (Michael Raso's home process has been Kodak D-76 - stock - 6 minutes @ 68 degrees)"

Where can I get this film processed?
You can process yourself (Get a formula HERE!) or send it out to our fav lab TheDarkroom.com!

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